Thursday, June 12, 2014

Insub Meta Orchestra

le tétraèdre 19.a : INSUB META ORCHESTRA archive #1

Recorded at La Parfumerie / Geneva / 3-4-5.08.2011 / by Antoine Etter /mastering by Nathan James .

1. Punkte und Flächen

2. Et si...

3. The living dust

4. Miroir

5. Lava underground

6. Set sail, finally

The IMO is a very large improvisors ensemble, founded in september 2010, It usually gather about 35 musicians per concert, from all switzerland and beyond.

From the, expected, mess of the first concerts emerged a collective consciousness and involvement from the impressive number of musicians included in this ambitious projet. After a year - and 7 concerts - 40 of them met during 3 day during the 2011 summer, marking a sensitive step in the orchestra progression. Working deeply a certain amount of pieces - concepts and conductions - appeared a new sound quality, a opening of the space, a fragility of the volume, a more electroacoustique, minimal, "concrète" direction. The orchestra started to think as an an emsemble, with multiple components but looking to project a unique/common sound, to look for details, restraint, variable densities, breathes, drones, subbasses...

The alternation of "free" and "conducted" improvisation was from the begining a manner to test various pathes of collective operation. If this first record - first archive - contain mainly conducted pieces it's because at one time they were crucial about etablishing a common background into the orchestra, it resulted a definitive strenght allowing us now to play autonomously with far much accuracy.

The IMO, whom will have done 16 concerts more at the end of its second season, became, beyond the manifest gathering, a solid group and a experience open on an exciting future.

Download in MP3 (complete album in a zip)(41m53 / 64Mo)
Download in FLAC (complete album in a zip)(41m53 / 199Mo)

Antoine Läng mouth - Brice Catherin cello - Brooks Giger doublebass - Christian Müller contrabass clarinet - Christophe Berthet saxophone, conduction n°2 - Christoph Schiller spinet, conduction n°1 - Cyril Bondi floor tom, cymbal - d’incise objects, conduction n°3 - Denis Beuret trombone - Dragos Tara doublebass - Edmée Fleury voice - Eric Ruffing theremin, analog electronics - Fabrice Pittet ac. guitar, voice, perc. - Filippo Provenzale percussions - Frédéric Minner elec. bass - Florence Melnotte keyboard - Ganesh Geymeier saxophone - Gianluca Ruggeri function generator - Gérald Zbinden ac.& elec. guitars - Guy Bettini trumpet - Hannah Marshall cello - Heike Fiedler voice - Igor Cubrilovic acoustic resonator guitar - Ivan Verda elec. guitar, buzuki - Jamasp Jhabvala violin - Jonas Kocher accordion - Loïc Grobéty piano strings elec. bass - Marcel Chagrin elec. guitar - Nicolas Raufaste ac. guitar - Olga Kokcharova typewriter, voice - Patricia Bosshard violin, conduction n°5 - Phonotopy tennis raquet - Raphaël Ortis elec. bass - Richard Jean elec. guitar - Rodolphe Loubatière percussions, conduction n°4 - Simon Berz d.i.y. instruments, electronic - Steve Buchanan saxophone, elec. guitar - Thierry Simonot electronics - Thomas Peter laptop - Vinz Vonlanthen elec. guitar, banjo

Insub Meta Orchestra - Archive #2

If the Archive#2 is published that close of the Archive#1 it's because we thought crucial by this release to signifie the evolution and the work accomplished by the orchestra during its 2nd residency in the summer 2012. This one has indeed allowed to establish a much more defined direction, both easthetic and strategic, for the IMO's near futur. After experimenting a large range of conductions type, IMO made the choice to work on and build a specific way to improvise in a large group, based on collective actions, on certain sounds, on volume controle, etc.
Line 1 is along drone, where each musician integrates it regarding its capacity to hold a continuous tone, slowly develloping the sonic mass's timbre and spectrum. Line 2 is an improvisation where the orchestra explores a serie of matters, in strongly coherent blocs, naturally passing by various densities and colours.

IMO is a large improvisors ensemble, founded in september 2010, It gathers about 45 musicians from all Switzerland and beyond. It is born from the INSUBORDINATIONS label and assocciation nebula that publishes and promotes the twisted forms of experimental improvisation since 2006.
The orchestra seek to devellop collective listening and playing, it creates sonic microclimats, subtles layering, looking for a single sound, generated by a common thought, carried by the impressive amount of musicians forming the core of it. With over 20 concerts and two residency, IMO has found his own and surprising path.
IMO goes in the direction of a practice where instruments loose their classical function - and sound - to become abstract sounding artefacts, establishing then a non-hierarchical relation between them.

Download in MP3 (complete album in a zip)(40m17 / 59Mo)
Download in FLAC (complete album in a zip)(40m17 / 209Mo)

Antoine Läng (voice) - Bertrand Gauguet (saxophone) - Brice Catherin (cello) - Bruno Crochet (electronics) - Christian Müller (clarinet) - Christoph Schiller (spinett) - Christophe Berthet (saxophone) - Coralie Lonfat (laptop) - Cyril Bondi (percussions) - d'incise (electronics, objects) - Daniel Tyrrel (guitare) - Dorothea Schürch (voice, saw) - Dragos Tara (doublebass) - Eric Ruffing (electronics) - Gérald Perera (doublebass) - Gérald Zbinden (guitare) - Gregor Vidic (saxophone) - Hans Koch (bassclarinet) - Heike Fiedler (voice) - Jacques Demierre (piano) - Jamasp Jhabvala (violon) - Loïc Grobéty (bass, objects) - Luc Müller (percussions) - Marc Jufer (saxophone) - Marie Schwab (violon) - Otto Von Rhinau (electronics) - Patricia Bosshard (violon) - Regula Gerber (doublebass) - Rodolphe Loubatière (percussions) - Sébastien Branche (saxophone) - Steve Buchanan (saxophone) - Teresa Hackel (flutes) - Thomas Peter (laptop) - Vinz Vonlanthen (guitare) - Wanda Obertova (voiice) - Yann Leguay (electronics)

Recorded 31.08 - 02.09.2012, at théâtre du 2:21, Lausanne by Antoine Ether.