Saturday, August 17, 2013

Listen to Tri-Cornered Tent Show

Electronic /Acoustic Free-Improv, The music of intentional distraction:
In the early 20th century tent shows created multiple stages of interest vying simultaneously for attention.
They could be selling you medicine, salvation, entertainment or war.
While Drawing on combined influences in R&B/dance, classical, multi cultural folk, progressive rock, 20th century avant garde, free jazz and heavy metal, Tri Cornered Tent Show pushes the envelope of melodic groove and arrhythmic improvisation, sometimes evoking images of 70's Italian horror pictures. and other outr`e forms of cinema.
A side-ways journey though surf, sci-fi space funk and psychedelica via free jazz mixed with a little black metal and lo-fi electronics that nods to both a Lovecraftian past and the futura of Sun-RA and Philip K. Dick…

Philip Everett - Ray Schaeffer - Anthony Flores  plus Dina Emerson, CJ Borosque and Rent Romus.