Saturday, August 24, 2013

Teresa Sebastian & Suso Saiz

Teresa Sebastian's artistic coordinator of Poetry in Concert cycle, founded in 2009 with his project "Incandescent", with the participation of musicians: Javier Paxariño, Juan Carlos Blancas, Niraj Kumar, and cinematic artist Stéphane Abboud. Involved since 1998 in various research projects of new orality: "Kaligandaki" with the poet Dionisio Romero, "Night Incandescent" and "Fragile", both released in the Fine Arts in Madrid, has published two titles with the same poems, in 1998 and 2000 editions and Fierro Huerga Libertarian and publishers, respectively. In this editorial went Yggdrassil books collection. With the video artist Benjamin Larrea has presented: "The Sensible River", at the National Museum, Reina Sofia (2010) and Logroño Würth Museum (2011), actively contributing to the new ways of spoken poetry in Castilian.
Suso Saiz, musician, songwriter, guitarist, arranger and composer, an experimental music pioneer. The imagination and subtlety with which he builds his work has led him to be described as "architect of sounds. Founded "The Orchestra of Clouds" that has left more than a dozen memorable titles. Along with Fon Román has formed "Trash of Dreams", minimal electronic with the intensity of an emotional journey. also works as film composer, among which the music of " The Edge of the Impossible " and their collaboration on the film" Rapa Nui " fertile in addition to work co-creation with artists such as Wagner Tiso, Salif Keita, Jorge Reyes, Steve Roach, Diego Vassallo, Alberto Iglesias, and so on. Among his many solo works include: "At the Edge of the Impossible" ( 1992), "Hypnotics" (1992), "Mirrors of Pollution" (1994), "The Detective and Death" (1995), "A Dark Man" (1995), "Africa" ​​(1996), "Katuwira" "Game of Moon" (2001) and a lot of great collaborations: "I stand when playing," "The order of Chance" (1985), "User Manual", (1987), "Orchestra of the clouds" 1981-1993, (1993) (Compilation), Suso Saiz, Glen Velez, Maria Villa, Pedro Esteban, Layne Redmond, Miguel Herrero: "Music sporadic", (1985), Suso Saiz - Jorge Reyes: "Chronicle of caste" (1990) Suspended Memories: "Forgoten gods", (1993), "Earth Island", (1994), "Lliso" (1998), Diego Vasallo - Suso Saiz: "The elephant petals Notebook" (2002) , Trash of dreams; "Plurals" (2005), "Imprint" (2007).

Teresa Sebastian Javier Paxariño

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