Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trash of Dream: Suso Saiz Fon Roman

Suso Saiz (avant-garde musician, composer, producer and arranger) and Fon Román (extinct Los Piratas guitarist), are responsible for pulling the strings of Trash of Dreams project.

Trash of Dreams is minimal electronic with the intensity of an emotional journey, from past projects and foggy concerts. Guitar droning melodies waiting endlessly to finish and begin again the loop of a dream.

Their first child was titled 'Plurals' (2005). A first disc located on impulse, self in crystallized form of action. It was recorded between Vigo and Madrid and eight themes hidden inside eight atmospheres of evasion, or almost an hour and calmly minimal electronic post rock. In 2007 the two musicians returned with a second album, 'Imprinting' with a renewed spirit starting a new look for their live performances. This is a performance for Radio 3, National Pop Channel, broadcasted from Spanish Television.