Sunday, August 4, 2013

Listen to Barn Owl & Evan Caminiti

Evan Caminiti is a Bay Area-based experimental musician, with a focus on processed and prepared guitar. Caminiti began the arid improvisational duo Barn Owl with like-minded guitarist Jon Porras in 2006. While recording, performing, and touring with Barn Owl, Caminiti also began the similarly drony Higuma with vocalist Lisa McGee, exploring familiarly hazy guitar textures augmented by McGee's submerged, gothy vocals. Caminiti began a foray into solo material with 2009's full-length Psychic Mud Shrines. The album featured Caminiti's signature sprawling guitar experimentation and was followed by 2010's West Wind and 2011's more soundtracky When California Falls into the Sea. The instrumentalist had a productive year in 2012, with the release of two albums, Night Dust and Dreamless Sleep. These nocturnal affairs featured experimentation with cassette four-track and dubbed-out minimal shoegaze guitar tones.

Fred Thomas