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Jorge Espinal 13 Questions

Jorge Espinal, peruvian guitarist/improviser, active in the Buenos Aires free improvisation and experimental music scene. He has a deep interest in sound and believes in error as a creative source. He usually works with prepared guitar.

Jorge is a member of Ricarda Cometa, with  Luciano Vitale, guitars and Tatiana Heuman, drums and Calato, with Javier Areal Vélez, guitars, Agustín Genoud, voice, objects and Pablo Verón, drums,  both bands based in Buenos Aires.

David Murrieta wrote in the website A Closer Listen: "Ricarda Cometa is an Argentinian trio playing music that is as visceral as a punch to the gut, twisting and breaking all sorts of rhythms from Latin America in an avant-garde way that sets them far apart from the current generation of reappropriators of such traditions, whether they come from the ‘punk’ milieu or the electronic scene. Improvisation is the key here, damaging all the commonplace elements into something new and harder-hitting, freeing them violently into a wilderness of noise and lo-fi production, de-colonizing them into a dance-party savage with color and deformed shapes."

Calato is a free improvisation group whose sound is based around two wildly attacked prepared guitars, a drum set played with chopsticks, and a voice that does all sort of things, most of which you wouldn’t call “singing”. Lately, they have been working on improvised songs, writing really short and intense graphic scores. They are currently finishing their second album.

He has played with musicians such as Brian Chase, Jack Wright, Ben Bennett, Dana Jessen, Chris Pitsiokos, Christof Kurzmann, Pierre Borel, Sergio Merce, Javier Areal Velez and Ceci Quinteros among others.
He will be touring Europe later this year.

Can you describe a sound experience that you believe contributed to your becoming a musician?

I guess the first time I listened to a really intense freejazz noisy band, I remember finding it really difficult to get some sleep that night because of how disturbed I felt. It wasn´t a pleasant experience by that time but I realized how powerful sound/noise could be.

What do you recall about your guitar learning process?

I´m quite sure that the learning process is never over. But from the time when I first picked up a guitar I remember myself not being able to put it down, not even for breakfast. Also, even though I took guitar classes I just couldn´t learn whole songs, I found myself improvising all the time.

Why did you decide to pick up the guitar as a expression tool?

As simple as playing a friend´s guitar when I was a kid. The guitar felt like the simpler choice.

Which work of your own (or as a sideman) are you most surprised by?

I´m really happy with the outcome of the Ricarda Cometa´s album.
Recorded music is a  picture from a determined moment in time, it´s always a surprise to remember those moments as life is always changing.

Where are your roots? What are your influences?

Nowadays I´m more influenced by the people I get to play with, musicians I get to know.

How many guitars do you have? Select only one and tell me why.

Two. Although I´ve been playing my jazzmaster almost exclusively because of it´s tone and the strings behind the bridge.

pyr121 chientaroli espinal rave vitale – relatos de terodáctilo

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pyr121 Chientaroli Espinal Rave VitaleRelatos de terodáctilo

pyr121 chientaroli espinal rave vitale – relatos de terodáctilo

- See more at:
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download album

What is the most recent musical concept that has attracted your attention?

I´ve been working a lot on rhythm. Also, the quality of sound is something I´m really interested in.

What do you remember about your musical teachers?

My first guitar teacher tried to make me sing. I wasn´t really good at singing … ehmm…  neither was he.

What's the importance of technique in music, in your opinion?

Technique as the ability to play whatever you need to express yourself,  not as the ¨right¨ way to play.

What is some valuable advice that someone has given to you in the past?

To listen.

Ricarda Cometa abriendo para Yeah Yeah Yeahs en Groove (5/11/2013)

What gear do you use?

Jazzmaster, guitar preparations and I´m starting with a freeze pedal.

Do you prefer play alone or in a group? What is the difference for you?

I really enjoy playing with other people. The chance of surprise gets multiplied.

Jorge Espinal, Jack Wright, Ben Bennett & Andrew Drury @ JACK, 6-24-13 1/2

What are you currently working on?

I´m working on the release of a new Calato album, also working hard with Ricarda Cometa and developing a very rhythmic solo playing technique for prepared guitar and freeze pedal.

Ricarda Cometa. Graphic Score