Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Prepared Guitar Photo Archive

Ben Miller's prepared guitar, Kerrytown Concert House, 12/02/10

Jeremiah Shriver. Harry Partch admiration society admission project. Richmond, VA.


Eric Normand's Prepared Bass, 2013

Michael Yonker's Prepared Guitar

Randy Branch's customized Guitar

Doug Holbrook's Prepared Guitar and Tool Kit


Dave Kuzy's prepared guitar


Chris Cooper's Prepared guitar

Bill Horist's Prepared Guitar

abs(.)hum's Prepared Guitar

Giacomo Fiore's Refretting Guitar (tuning by Lou Harrison/Bill Slye); picture by Paula Lerner, 2012

Bjørn Fongaard's Prepared Guitar

Christian Blandhoel's Prepared Guitar

Giuseppe Calamia's Prepared Guitar

Reid Karri's Prepared Guitar

Xinæsthetic's Prepared Guitar

bRICKbAR? Delusion's Prepared Guitar

Harry Partch's Prepared Guitars

Jeff Gburek's Guitars

Filippo Giuffrè's Prepared Tools

Derek Bailey's Epiphone Empire Regent

John Russell's Guitars

Photo Andy Newcombe

Daniel Thompson's Epiphone Emperor Regent

Harold Schellinx's Har$ - Found Prepared Guitar (October 26th 2012, Vincennes (fr))

Ian Simpson's Prepared Guitar

Javier Pedreira's Prepared Guitar

Abdul Moimême's Prepared Guitars


Yannis Frier's Prepared Guitar 

Two of Fred Frith's homemades, The Stone, August 30

Photo: Kazue Asano

Fred Frith's Prepared Guitar

Paulo Hartmann's Prepared Guitar

Augustin Brousseloux's Prepared Guitar

Photo Hiro Ugaya

Joshua Weitzel's Prepared Guitar

Michał Seta's Prepared Guitar

Chris Rainier's Prepared Tools


Bobbylands, Tours, France, 2014

Ken Butler Hybrid Guitars

John M Shaughnessy II Circuit bent toy guitar


Hyper Tremolo


Burner Harp Guitar



Jad Fair guitar + Bachelor QS

Springtime 5 pickups


White Eagle

Moonlander, the Bachelor QS and the Moodswinger (from left to right)  


Home Swinger Project



Brooklyn Bridge


42 String Instrument

3 string pitch tremolo instrument

Mano Kinze Prepared Guitar and Gu Zheng


Photo Whitney Bradshaw

Scott Fields Prepared Tools

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