Friday, May 3, 2013

Daniel Heikalo “The Art of the Prepared Guitar” with a Free Download

"A prepared instrument has objects fastened onto the strings to physically modify the sound, thus producing a new, and very varied array of sounds. In my opinion, it creates very beautiful sonorities. It substantially enlarges the sonic palette that I can draw from as a guitarist, and it does so without having to make use of electronic sound-modifying devices.

The pieces on this recording were all one take unedited improvisations. The oldest dates from September 1985 and the most recent one from March 1996.
Most of the pieces are solo explorations. Ken Shorley joins in on percussion on a few."
 - Daniel Heikalo

CD cover designed by Tamara Thiébaux-Heikalo from an image by Daniel.


Complete track listing

  1. Catacatoum Catoum [5:21]
  2. Deuxième pièce insoluble [3:35]
  3. Appalachian Prepared Guitar [1:23]
  4. Les virevoltes épicées des amours impossibles [3:46]
  5. Nous nous remémorerons le rémora des sables [5:44]
  6. Turkish March for 3Mustafas3 [2:42]
  7. Aventures avec un coupe-oeuf [3:28]
  8. Brunante sur les digues-Dykeland Dusk [3:31]
  9. Ding Dong Woo [3:16]
  10. Echo de Michel Senécal [6:34]
  11. En les yeux des enfuis de mansardes [4:47]
  12. Blues d'la cour à scrap-Scrapyard Blues [5:10]
  13. Danse of the Skeletons of Those Forgotten on Remembrance Day [4:52]
  14. Première pièce insoluble [3:36]
  15. L'amour du rythme-le rythme de l'amour [3:20]

Prepared Guitar from Daniel Heikalo on Vimeo.

    Preview tracks (Sound Carrier)

    Catacatoum Catoum Free Download
    Turkish March for 3Mustafas3
    Echo de Michel Senécal