Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NELS CLINE - 200 Guitarrist HE admire

200 guitarists whom i've admired since...1965? Guitarists who affected me, excited me, and/or made me think. Why this list? Why 200?? First, when asked to name guitarists who have influenced me or who i admire, i always toss out a few names and then later experience pangs of remorse for forgetting names -- now i can just say, "check out the list on my website." Second, i believe in giving credit where credit is due.

The number 200 just popped into my head randomly, but it has turned out to be a pretty good estimate. The first 170 or so came easily, jotted down in under two hours during a mixing session for the Destroy All Nels Cline alb. Of course, i inevitably came up with more than 200, but i've decided to limit myself (!) -- for now...

There will undoubtedly be much chatter about who is NOT on the list. Please, don't harass me -- i'm sure i've forgotten many, and i would prefer to be spared the embarrassment of having to justify my decision to leave certain people off the list consciously. But at least let me confront some controversy about those who are on it briefly. And without thoroughness -- it may shed some light on how my tiny brain works in this regard.

Many of the guitarists on this list were favorites of mine when i was a teenager. There are a lot not only because i am, after all, a guitar fan, but because one is perhapsless discerning as an excitable boy. THIS LIST IS NOT ABOUT WHO'S BEST. It's in NO PARTICULAR ORDER because i don't believe in "best." It gives me pleasure to lump all these artists together. It's humorous and surreal, and i intend it as both an homage to them and to show how randomly things collide in this life, how one just
never knows...

Some brief explanations, then we're all on our own: I'm anticipating shock at the inclusion of Peter Frampton on this list. I single him out here because he was a huge influence on me, but only at a small portion of his career. His playing with Humble Pie was, to me at age 15 or so, profoundly melodic and "jazzy," even during the most torrid and blustery rock tunes. I tried to copy his lines. By the time of his massive solo success, none of these traits seemed in evidence. In fact, i didn't even recognize him on his solo stuff! But how many guitarists on this list burned brightly for me, later to fully dim artistically? How many are dead? All that matters here is that moment when inspiration strikes and nourishes a life. Take also the inclusion of Jerry Garcia. I struggled mightily with this one. I enjoyed the Dead from about 1967-1971, but unfortunately this path went on for, what, 25 more years without my hearing any further illumination. And the phenomenon of Jerry Garcia frankly is hard to fathom, yet i enjoyed "Anthem of The Sun" and "Workingman's Dead" a lot! So in he goes. Same with Jimmy Page, who i came to admire as an arranger/colorist in the late Zeppelin work. Never liked his "lead" work much, sorry. But in he goes!

Get it? So have fun, and try to keep a positive (and fun) frame of mind/heart. My profound thanks to Devin for not only doing this silly thing, but also for (without me asking) doing research when i wrote things like "the guy in the Count Five" (John Michalski.) And one other thing: Jan Hammer is included both as a joke and in all seriousness because even though he's a keyboardist, he's done some of the best guitar work ever! So there!!!

I'm sure i'll soon add 100 more. Lord knows, there are so many guitarists that i haven't heard and/or haven't learned to appreciate yet.

*NOTE: We've attempted to include links for some of the guitarists listed. However, we suggest checking the All Music Guide for info. on the others. They are a great resource!

*The first part of this list highlights guitarists i've been lucky enough to play with whom i truly admire:

Woody Aplanalp

Kenneth Ando

G.E. Stinson

Ken Rosser

Nick Kirgo

Joe Baiza

Rick Potts

Rod Poole

Jim McAuley

Tom Watson

Bill Watts

Bill Frisell

Wayne Kramer

Thurston Moore

Duane Denison

Lee Ranaldo

Carla Bozulich

Elliott Sharp

Tim Foljahn

Steve Cardenas

Eric Von Essen

Joel Harrison

John Schott

Peter Maunu

Allan Jaffe

Henry Kaiser

Chris Muir

Jeff Parker

Jeremy Drake

Smokey Hormel

Jeff Tweedy

Pat Sansone

Noah Phillips

Eugene Chadbourne


Jim (aka Roger) McGuinn

John Scofield

Michael Gregory Jackson

Jan Akkerman

Steve Howe

Albert King

Jim Hall

John Abercrombie

Ralph Towner

Robbie Basho

John Cippolina

Freddie King

Jorma Kaukonen

Jimi Hendrix

Paul Kossoff

Duane Allman

Peter Frampton

Pat Martino

Sam Brown

Mick Goodrick

John Renbourn

Terje Rypdal

Ted Greene

Lenny Breau

Neil Young

Pat Metheny

Stephen Stills

Howard Roberts

Herb Ellis

Joe Pass

Wes Montgomery

Robert Quine

Jeff Beck

Otomo Yoshihide

Dick Dale

Alain Johannes

Freddie Green

Polly Harvey

Mississippi Fred McDowell

Lonnie Johnson

Alex De Grassi

D. Boon

Muddy Waters

Hubert Sumlin

Ike Turner

John McLaughlin

Django Reinhardt

Andy Gill

John Fahey

Peter Lang

Julian Bream

Vincenzo Macaluso

Balthazar Benitez

Sergio & Odair Assad

Egberto Gismonti

Derek Bailey

Davey Williams

Fred Frith

Hans Reichel

Attila Zoller

Larry Coryell

King Sunny Ade et al

Gary Miller (aka "Dr. Know")

Glen Campbell

Roy Clark

Otis Rush

John Lee Hooker

John Williams

Frank Zappa

Bill Harkelroad (aka "Zoot Horn Rollo")

Jorgen Ingmann

John McGeough

Robbie McIntosh

Rafe Mandel

Johnny Marr

Robert Smith

Tony Rice

Don Helms

Bob Andrews

John Michalski

Peter Laughner

John Dietrich

Kevin Shields

Leigh Stevens

Rory Gallagher

Willie Nelson

Eric Clapton

George Benson

Christy Doran

Stephan Wittwer

Robert Fripp

Lee Ranaldo

Adrian Belew

Jan Savage

Mick Abrams

Staffan Harde

Johnny "Guitar" Watson

Richard Thompson

Sonny Greenwich

Ted Dunbar

Michael Whitmore

Baden Powell

Johnny Winter

Bola Sete

Syd Barrett

Lightnin' Hopkins

Joni Mitchell

Nick Drake

Dean Roberts

Tal Farlow

Jimmy Vaughn

Bobb Bruno

Ron Asheton

Buddy Guy

Charles Ganza

Peter Banks

Mike Esposito

William Reid

Slim Harpo

George Harrison


Pete Townsend

B.B. King

Billy Gibbons

Jan Hammer

Ollie Halsall

Ash Bowie

Dave Brylawski

Sonny Sharrock

Randy California

Gary Burger


David Scott Stone


Duane Eddy

Duck Baker

Oscar Aleman

Marc Ducret

Roger Troutman

Matt Piucci


Manito De Plata

Nile Rogers

The guy in Lakeside

Peter Greene

Jerry Douglas

Eddie Hazel

Leo Nocentelli

Joe Diorio

Arto Lindsay

Elmore James

Paul Burlison

Tom Verlaine

Chan Marshall

Robert Johnson

Ali Farka Toure

Victor Jara

T-Bone Walker

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey et al

Charlie Christian

Santo & Johnny

Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

Brij Bhushan Kabra


Norman Blake

Blackbird McKnight

Robin Trower

Kevin Dunn

Jarrett Silberman

Jerry Garcia

Dave Edmunds

Ry Cooder

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Doug Martsch

Brett Netson

Carlos Santana

Adam Levy

Jeremy Keller


Rowland S. Howard

Keola Beamer

Jose Maria Saluzzi

Jimmy Page

James "Blood" Ulmer

Gene Bertoncini

Sterling Morrison

Dickey Betts

Bonnie Raitt

Trey Conner

Bill Conners

Steve Tibbetts

Mark Landon

David Hidalgo

Ed Bickert

Billy Bauer

Bill Horvitz

Marc Ribot

Sara Jaffe

Paul Lai (Upsilon Acrux)

Vinicius Cantuaria

Grant Green

Janet Feder

Kevin Drumm

Taku Sugimoto

Annette Krebs

Rich Gilbert

Chris Cohen