Friday, May 3, 2013

LISTEN Daniel Heikalo

Un disque de guitare (acoustique ou classique) avec percussion et une piste au cistre.
A guitar recording (classical and acoustic) with percussion and one track o cittern.

Photographies Daniel Heikalo
Daniel Heikalo is a multi-faceted composer, instrumentalist and multimedia graphic designer living in Nova Scotia. Born in a french-speaking working class neighbourhood of Montreal, he grew up surrounded by fascinating architecture, colourful people, noise, pollution, poverty, and the kind of sensibility to deeply absorb the richness of his surroundings.

He developed an appreciation for light and visual composition, architecture, that translated in his early involvement with drawing, photography and design, which he still practices professionally as owner-director of Volante Multimedia. His company specializes in CD and DVD packaging, merchandise design, and anything for print or web that can enhance a performer's public visibility. Daniel says: "Volante Multimedia enjoys the challenge and cares about bringing a customer's ideas across visually and effectively. And we like working closely with the customer, to make sure you are not simply satisfied, but happy with what we come up with.

Daniel discovered early on that his ear was musical, being able to memorize complex instrumental pieces which he would sing to himself on his way to school, or to alleviate the boredom instilled by that institution, not recommended for creative people.

After realizing that he could sing in his mind complete lead guitar solos by the likes of Clapton, Zappa and Page, he thought that learning guitar might be a good thing. He was right and never looked back. Heikalo now plays all kinds of guitars, banjo, cittern, mandolin, drums, percussion, recorders and invented instruments. He has 25 CDs available from his website, which range from classically-influenced folk and world music to electroacoustic sonic mayhem and free improvisation. He does all his recording, mixing and mastering in his home studio and records other musicians, theatre and video soundtracks.

released 01 August 2004
Daniel Heikalo: guitares, cistre et flûte-à-bec basse. Photo de la pochette.
Csaba Kanyasi: batterie
Tamara Thiébaux-Heikalo: conception graphque
Arif Hekimoglu: tablas, tambour et percussion