Thursday, May 23, 2013

Listen Enterico Trio

extract from January 2012 recording session
Ph: Alessandro Achilli

Tim Hodgkinson - prepared table guitar, electronics, clarinets;
Gandolfo Pagano - prepared guitar, electronics;
Dario Sanfilippo - (computer) feedback network based nonlinear dynamical system.

The idea for this project is to consider improvisation from a systemic point of view. Improvisation, a process where any action is mediated by listening, can also be understood as a mechanism to set up an implicit feedback loop between the performers. In such a configuration, every performer is influencing all other performers and is in turn influenced, recursively. Performers are thus strictly coupled and constantly interacting in a situation where effects are also causes, a circular causality that will lead to nonlinear developments and unpredictability. The result is a holistic whole, something which is different from the sum of its parts, a complex dynamical system with global emergent properties.

Photo: Enterico trio: Tim Hodgkinson,Dario Sanfilippo, Gandolfo Pagano.
Concerto a Milano SPAZIOBORGOGNO in collaborazione con il Museo Pecci.