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Free Download Pablo Montagne Chaque Objet

PABLO MONTAGNE – P.Pascale acoustic guitar (with old strings), Adolfo’s little Washburn
ADOLFO LA VOLPE – P.Pascale acoustic guitar (with new strings)
Recorded by Adolfo La Volpe at Adhil Studio, Ceglie del Campo (Ba), November 3, 2011; Mixed

by Adolfo La Volpe & Mimmo Galizia; Front cover drawing: Andrea Montagne
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Eccoli ancora, questa volta assieme in un duo acustico, Pablo Montagne e Adolfo La Volpe tornano su AlchEmistica con un nuovo lavoro assieme alle loro chitarre. Si sa come vanno queste cose, due amici si incontrano, si conoscono da tempo, hanno suonato tante volte assieme e sanno come far dialogare i loro strumenti. Una semplice visita di amicizia diventa la scusa per scambiare un paio di idee musicali, per lasciar parlare le chitarre, per cesellare 15 improvvisazioni, 15 scampoli di discorsi, 15 dialoghi. Poi la scelta di riascoltarsi, valutare il materiale e decidere di farlo uscire con AlchEmistica. Potevano perdere questa occasione? No assolutamente. Mancava solo la cover, a questo ha provveduto Andrea Montagne e non poteva disegnare meglio due musicisti così.

"CHAQUE ObJET" is the result of a long collaboration between five musicians, carried out either in the field of improvisation so-called "radical" or as in the execution of written contemporary music.
The quintet's objective is, in fact, to explore the relationship between improvisation and written music, intended in its fullest meaning, which includes, that is, alongside common musical notation, also the use of graphic scores, alternative notations, game pieces, and other procedures involving the use of sp ace body movement  an d  constraint, progammed   errors.

The writing is intended as an instrument to orientate improvisation on determinate processes of elaboration of musical material, within a full range of possibilities of relations between signs, gestures and sounds, which does not exclude the performing of compositions wholly written out, or on the other hand, totally free improvisation. 

The ensemble's sound is characterized by the creation of sound layers which have material or concrete qualities, and by tone research which, excluding the use of electronics, concentrates on the single instrument's own resources, investigating even the slightest shapes, experimenting unconventional techniques, and resorting to "humble" resources: the use of prepared and self made instruments, and moreover that which is in the electronic nature of guitars: distortions, feedback, etc...

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