Friday, March 14, 2014

Derek Bailey Live at G's Club

Vídeo: Josep M. Jordana
2008 - 55 min
Concert Recorded  10 february 2004 at G's Club-Sidecar, Barcelona.

The music here was previously released on CD-R as At the Sidecar (Incus, 2004). Excellent as that is, this DVD adds immeasurably to the listening experience. Bailey is filmed giving a continuous solo performance. Although there are distance shots which show him on stage, most of the time the camera is tight in on Bailey allowing viewers to see his hands clearly and so to fully appreciate the ways in which he produces his music. It also allows us to see his facial expressions—some smiles of satisfaction and some frowns too.
In typical fashion, Bailey makes occasional comments to the audience that display his trademark dry, self-deprecating humour. So, after his beautiful opening improvisation he announces, "It's like that, see. That was a traditional American tune called 'Mabel, Mabel, Take Your Elbow off the Table.'" Later, during one rather more rhythmic passage of playing, with a wry smile he quips to the audience, "You can dance if you like." Yes, Bailey was a natural-born entertainer.
Throughout, Bailey uses a plectrum, playing on different parts of the guitar's body and neck to alter the tonal qualities. He makes good use of volume pedal to sustain notes and also to occasionally get close to feedback. All of these techniques contribute to an integrated performance. There is never any sense of Bailey dipping into a stock of practiced techniques or tricks. 

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Derek Bailey January 29 1930; December 25 2005