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Sava Marinkovic 13 questions

Sava Marinković is a musician born on 29 January 1991 in Pancevo - Serbia.
Known also as a guitar player in bands and projects:
Ivica, as the effect and ambient background of songs;
NeuroRekreativni Klub, rhythm and lead guitar during a short period;
Demetrin, his own band project, which he has a demo EP with and is working on the first official publishing in which a singer-songwriter Norman Baiocchi is a guest;
Obala Nesta, instrumental project, which he is preparing the recording of a couple of single songs with;
Sava, Melinda & Norman project - free live ambient improvisation.
She Is I!, experimental movie project.

As a guitar player he has received the sponsorship in the form of custom guitar from a German company - near Stuttgart - LEO handcrafted guitars.
His views on music are abstract, based on free improvisation, free time and music.
He has propagated his philosophy of music through every live performance.
In the beginning of his solo career, he has collaborated with many musicians.
His solo career is based on an experimental approach to ambient music and free improvisation.

Can you describe a sound experience that you believe contributed to your becoming a musician?

I`m playing guitar lots of years but without reservation I started seriously to compose and making music when i felt on my head. When I was younger I felt on my head and received
hard concussion of the brain. It is really weird thing, but it is what it is.. Everything different starts form that point in my music life.

What do you remember about your first guitar?

It was guitar that belong to my father. Still somewhere in our house. Big old Yugoslavian one. First steps in music life, little bit challenging in that period I remember. (;

Dream about your perfect instrument

I was dreaming, yes. It was just a dream, dream that comes true. With Leo Guitars company from Germany. They made me their Leo series guitar, according to my wishes. So I have my signature instrument, with their certificate. Now, that dream is reality.

What is your relationship with other disciplines such as painting, literature, dance, theater ...?

In my family everyone has the artistic skills. Music, painting, acting, literature as well. Art is something that move as all. It is something that everyone needs in the world. I need to quote the great Brian Eno: “…Not that religion and art are the same, but that they both tap into the same need we have for surrender. That’s what happens when we take drugs. That’s what happens when we have sex. We stop being ‘just me’ and we become part of something else."

What do you expect from music?

Nothing much. Just to be heard. I love when people write something about my music, when they taking my songs for all kind of stuff (programs, movies, etc.). It is really nice to know that someone finds inspiration in your music. That is something that moves me.

What would you enjoy most in an music work?

Making it, starting something new. Like to collaborate, and co-operate. Like to talk through music.
Its not work, it is part of me, I breathe through it.
I enjoy every time in that kind of freedom.

Photo Sava Marinkovic

If you could, what would you say to yourself 30 years ago, about your musical career?

Oh my… I’m not that old (;

What are the challenges and benefits of today's digital music scene?

It goes where it needs to goes. Everything have the advantages and disadvantages.
You have a whole sea of musicians, and those who call themselves by that name. But everyone has an opportunity. I don’t have problem with that.

Which living or dead artist would you like to collaborate with? 

I love collaborations, and communication through music. I’m open for collaboration with any artist.
Really a big fan of magical David Sylvian, he has a big influence on my music. So let that be the answer.

with pnnn

Which work of your own are you most surprised by, and why?

It is my solo debut album “Nowhere Near”. Time when I decided to work only on my music. And because I made it in strange period of life, when I was unstable with myself.

I love that piece of work because it is somehow beginning of something.

What instruments and tools do you use?

I use guitar (with active pickups) with additional equipment the most. But beside that some synths and keyboards. Ambient sound recordings, and everything that can make sound be the best for me.

What do you like the most about being a musician?

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”.

Sava Marinkovic: electric guitar,  Melinda Ligeti: synth, Norman Sétamùr Baiocchi: acoustic guitar

What projects are you working on now and what does the future hold?

I’m working on the promotion of my second album released on 1.December, “Evocation” (released by DOF label).
Making it possible for big live performance. Maybe couple of singles in the main time.
Nothing special. I’m still aimed on the last album.

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