Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tune Hear by Randy Branch

Welcome Randy Branch to our Prepared Guitar team!


This new addition is dedicated to all the passionate guitar (or close) musicians that are willing to SHARE their work.
Every Monday we will spotlight new artists and their creative endeavors. We look forward to showcasing musicians that are thinking outside the box. This will be an interactive site, where the opportunity is allotted for the participants to share their sonic landscapes with NEW people and NEW Musicians, using innovative ways and imaginative paths.
So welcome to this OPEN channel for mind-bending, adventurous, hallucinated, progressive, classical, improvisational, otherworldly, unreal, unbelievable, strange, or hypernormal projects.

Send US your PROJECTS, and let us accompany your dreams.

We look forward to an international partnership where music, especially guitar oriented, is shared and enjoyed by a wider audience.
So TUNE HEAR for your sonic journey!!