Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ornette Coleman Trio Performing The Soundtrack

A film by Dick Fontaine, 1966
Featuring Ornette Coleman, David Izenzon, Charles Moffett

Director Dick Fontaine set out to catch the music, the thoughts and the personalities of Ornette Coleman's mid-1960s trio during two days in Paris while they worked on scoring a film. He did that job exceptionally well. There is a memorable performance of Ornette's 'Sadness' (complete and uninterrupted from David Izenzon's bowed introduction to the end!) during which Fontaine quickly cuts away from images of the musicians responding to the movie screen to concentrate his cameras directly on the players' serious, passionate involvement with their improvisations. It is one of the best filmed jazz performances ever captured on video.

Angle(s) Ornette Coleman (July 23, 2015)