Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paul Gittins Oak Apple Orchestra

Oak Apple Orchestra 
 battery powered 1.5v

A collection of instruments and objects played by clock motors. Oak apples, attached to the second hand of the clock, hit the strings at two second intervals, they strike and fall back. Each instrument has several clock motors which are positioned to select the desired notes, this selection then repeats to create an endless rhythm. The structure of  intervals between the notes is essentially random, the moment when each battery is connected determines its position in the two second sequence, this structure provides the temporal framework for the recurring motif.
 Over a period of time subtle changes occur in the sound of the rhythm, as variations of temperature and humidity affect the tension of strings.  

I am currently developing a collection of self playing musical instruments, powered by clock motors, oak apples hit the strings with a two second beat creating an endless rhythm. 
Using torch light and oak apples I have designed a number of lighting systems that use the same principle to create animation on a translucent surface, Bakelite , sand, etc.
I make cellular shadow screens, hundreds of paper pixels divide projected light into various patterns, larger screens are used for a shadow shows using colour and video projection, performers create animated imagery as they interact with the light.
Smaller versions are used to transform TV light into an endless stream of abstract form and colour.

Paul Gittins
born 1951 Cardiff
He lives in Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK

I have developed a new system of light dispersal, using various translucent materials: rice paper, sand, and plastic.
Large screens which incorporate hundreds of paper pixels are used for shadow plays, and video projection.
smaller ones are used to transform tv light into abstract imagery.

stourbridge college of art 1969-70
cardiff college of art 1970-73 dip AD(fine art)
recent exhibitions;
Museum of Electricity, Making Waves joint exhibition with Peter Keene, Lisbon, June 2000
Capital Normal University, Beijing 2004
Pickled Art Centre, Beijing October 2004
ZKM, Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht, Karlsruhe,Germany, November2005 -August 2006
Performance with Shadow Screens
Superstition and the Moon, Shadow Play
January 2006, Glasshouse Theatre, Stourbridge
Leasowes College , March & October 2006
Pickle art centre, Beijing, May 2006
Shadows in Full colour Glasshouse Theatre , Stourbridge, March 3rd 2007
Maenads (animation using a rice paper screen, with music by Mikhail Karikis)
15/16th March 2007 Optronica, National Film Theatre, London
19 OCT 2007 Festa del Cinema, Brancaleone, Roma, Italy
22/25 NOV 2007 STRP Festival, Heindhoven, The Netherlands
30 NOV 2007 AVion, Bucharest, Romania, Less