Monday, April 11, 2016

Tone WOOD Charlie Christian

Charlie Christian

What do you do with a 1953 Gibson L50 with a separated brace which is bouncing inside the box and a completely stripped top? 


Probably throw it away of leave it in the shed where it stands already for more than 10 years. 


The value of an original good condition L50 can reach just above the 2000 dollar. But even when in collectors condition the market for such acoustic archtop is very small. 


I decided to convert this L50 to a ES150 with an UK made Charlie Christian pickup ( the best replica by far).

I had to cut the pickup hole in the solid spruce top. Because I had to remove the back I also added 3 extra braces to give the top enough strength at the pickup area. 


I did some extra shielding for the pickup and grounded the magnets.


The pickup only has 4KOhm resistance like the old originals. I am glad I put some effort in the proper grounding and shielding which makes this guitar much more silent than the original ES150 with Charlie Christain pickup. 

It has the look and it absolutely has the sound and feel. Saved from the dustbin, and ready to play!
Tone Wood by Frans Elferink
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