Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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Dave Phillips

Artist: Dave Phillips
Track: Live at The Lab, September 1, 2010
Album: 23five Live Archive
Track length: 18'18
Format: MP3 192kbps
Recorded by: Jim Haynes

"As with his previous CD, David Philips has shown a true craftmanship, executed with skill and care.. a great CD that produces an undeniable feeling of well being."
—  Blues Again (France), Blues Again (France)
"Truly Sublime."
—  Van Ech Blues (Netherlands), Van Ech Blues (Netherlands)
"Nice playing. Awesome vocals!!!!!"
—  The Blues Room radio (New Zealand), The Blues Room radio (New Zealand)
"Sometimes, low tech enables high quality, and it clearly does in the case of David Philips."
—  Something Else Reviews (US), Something Else Reviews (US)
"...(Philips) plays a beautiful acoustic guitar with an exquisite taste... a classic in the making. 8/10"
—  Americana UK, Americana UK
"..stunning new album...his best to date! We were so taken by the album that we asked David to record an acoustic session for us..." - Folk Radio UK
—  Folk Radio UK, Folk Radio UK
"(David) has proved that his first LP was not an accident... a simple and precious treat and that's why it's our Album of The Week."
—  The Good Music Fox (US)
"A Chris Smither from the other side of the pond, Philips keeps it straightforward simple, making The Rooftop Recordings a simple pleasure."
—  S. Victor Aaron , Something Else Reviews (US)
"It could just be that British ex-pat David Philips has recorded one of this year's best albums."
—  GRAHAME RHODES, Blues In The North West (UK)
“#25 on the Euro Americana Chart for October 2011”
—  Euro Americana Chart
"I consider this as one of the best singer-songwriter albums in its genre of the past year."
—  Eelco Schilder, FOLKWORLD Magazine
"Heal yourself alone" chosen as Album Of The Week.
—  Robert Elms, BBC Radio London
"So easy to listen to, and I mean that in a GREAT way. ...music that feels "right" from first listen."
—  Strangers Almanac
"It gets the thumbs up for the quality of the song writing, musicianship and exquisite production... he's obviously on to a good thing."
—  Tim Merricks, Americana UK
"... a really well crafted, well sung album.."
—  Robert Elms, BBC Radio London
"...exudes soulful Americana, like a Memphis back porch night."
—  Sloane Spencer, Country Fried Rock
"For fans of smart and honest music, Heal Yourself Alone is a beautiful album."
—  Johan Schoenmakers, Alt-Country Forum (NL)
"...beautiful arrangements and (his) pleasant, warm voice means things never get boring. In particular, Philips' guitar playing is magnificent."
—  Holy Moor, Moors Magazine (Holland)
"Philips’ music experience is in his melodies: they flow naturally and have catchy hooks"
—  Ruud Heijjer, Kippenvel Radio (Holland)
"Heal yourself alone" featured in Staff Picks section.
—  CD Baby