Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Listen "The last slice of silence before lightning" by Klankschap

Black Tie By Svarte Greiner 1
Miste By The Haxan Cloak 2
IV By Main 3
Angoisse By Horrific Child 4
Monkey excerpt By Kreng 5
_cage tt set ivft By Terre Thaemlitz remixed by Simon Fisher Turner 6
M.=Addiction By Dictaphone 7
This Bed Of Shattered Bone By Colin Stetson 8
Part of me apart of you By Colin Stetson 9
Marie Uitti - East 21st street By Gareth Davies & Frances 10

Klankschap, like a smooth landscape, full of silenced and minimal clangs...maybe with some trees as ultimate noise-beacons,gently wrapped in a soundsculpture.
Expect everyhting or even nothing, because this show is like a meander, eroding and creating a whole new sonic story in your ear !
Spoken word, electronica, freejazz, ambient, noise, turntablism, avantgarde, musique conrète, drone,'s all in there !