Monday, June 24, 2013

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NNN 62 (Six Deviations from an an Origin-Vibration)
Two guitars are used. One ebow placed on one string of the first guitar generating a constant vibration throughout and calibrated gently. A free string of light-weight gauge is threaded through the strings of the first guitar and then through those of the second guitar and then drawn down to the other side of the second where it can freely be engaged with an array of piezo pick-ups to create various textures and overtones incidental but related to the origin-vibration. One can experience the sense of guiding the sound whilst remaining simultaneously amused by the autonomy of the sounds themselves. The piece ends when I have exhausted myself and/or the possibilities of creating interesting deviations from the source. Recorded at Nur Nicht Nur Studios, Kleve, Germany.  Thanks to Dieter Schlensog.

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meldwater (jeff gburek and karolina ossowska), nov. 23, 2010 by Jeff Gburek

Object 10 Signes installation, Liege Biennale, 2008
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“I find it impossible to imagine design except through interference, failure, interdpendence of transformational paradigms. It is an impossible thought that carries through all ontological boundaries.”
The Only Escape is a Dream
Fort Stanton walk
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(t)raum: basalt, granite, limestone (excerpt)
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Rm.315 No.3 (uncut)
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“The Only Escape Is A Dream” is an acoustic documentary and sonic cartography montage recorded in Los Lunas, Fort Stanton & Albuquerque, NM. All materials compiled, assembled and mixed by Jeff Gburek for Djalma Primordial Science’s performance installation “Asylum: A Study of Place and Ghost”.  Details:

Stung by Heurtebise
Stung by Heurtebise II
8 minutes 13 seconds | 7.5 mbdownload
There is a cloudy figure in this film flickering in the back of my mind and he turns the crank of a boat-shaped music box. This must be Time? The box is clearly battered and rusty but as he turns the crank no music emanates, not even the pathetic creaking of the old gears I imagine to be inside. He starts to turn but then abruptly stops. Each instant in which he comes to a pause I feel a jolt and I suddenly wake up. Then, as I carefully scrutinize him, slowly, as if by imperceptible increments, he seems to be turning the handle again, even though I am convinced we have made no appreciable advance forward, nor backward, nor in any direction at all. In this way, I am kept awake in fits and starts, such that I am disabled of seeing any dream other than the one I am being prepared to see, the one that arrives on the edge of the sleep denied me.

Physical Address
Physical Address
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physical address: a material presence/absence ratio is audible through all types of interface: body systems, circuitry systems and all informational environments. in the vita nuova of the viral network, we can think in terms of tissues, strategies for communicating “through the walls”, blood-brain barriers, and the hertzian spaces, a kind of aether or plasma around us: we combine to form an extensive ecology whose medium is our own body to that degree it seeks connectivity whether external or internal.