Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gil Kuno Radiologic

Due to this decade of the iPod, some have started to become calloused to the existence of radio frequency. Most every city has its own unique set of radio stations, each emitting original audio content into the airwaves. This can be considered one of the city's signature sounds - morphing, undulating, and shifting at any given moment.
Gil Kuno's Radiologic is about taming this multi layered beast by sculpting the individual audio streams into a palatable 2 channel mix. He will use multiple radios simultaneously to tune into the local radio stations, and manipulate them in real time with various effects and mixing techniques. The result is a living soundscape; each unique to the location and time frame. Photo: Radiologic performance at Ars Electronica. Guest mixer: Carl Stone.
 Radiologic LA by Gil Kuno and Carl Stone on Mixcloud