Thursday, June 6, 2013

Indian Slide Guitar Slide Show



14 to 22 strings solid wood made, hollow neck, made with great sound and wood crafted, and totally hand engraved inlays all around the instrument, even the extension at the neck and headstock are specially designed which has Roman, Greek, French as well as Persian influence blended with Indian 12th centuries craftsmanship designed by Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya- a new generation custom made Indian Slide Guitar.

Side and Back: made of Toon wood.
Neck: Hollow.
Top: Spruce.
Fret Board: Rose wood.
Fret: wood crafted.
Tuning Peg: ebony made, hand crafted.

Bridge & Raise Nut: Rosewood.

Tail Peace & Finger Guard: Specially handcrafted Ebony.

Resonating Bridge: Made of Deer Horn. 

Binding and decoration: Wood crafted hand engraved.

Polish: hand Polish Glossy or Matt finish, with White natural Gala. Nature friendly, no colours added.