Friday, June 14, 2013

Free Donwload Out level – Strange sounds can make a man happy

 Out level – Strange sounds can make a man happy

And here I was thinking that the man we know all too well from his magnificent field recordings (Luis Antero) had taken a side step into a different cloak (Out Level). But upon checking any profiles for writing a little bit to whet your apetite’s I realize that this is the eleventh release allready! I should rather frown upon myself for not having shared any of his music yet on a previous NTNS radio show. Alas so it is.
After his earlier Website Story released on Just not Normal I can truly say I am flabbergasted with the release Luis now offers. Prepared guitar is the main event in these short tracks. But little is left of the original sounds as these appear more to be sound travels through a space many have not yet meandered. You can today though, and board this delicacy in sounds. While your at it, do take the time to check out his earlier works on XS record, Bypass and Merzbau. Something you may thank me for.