Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Listen Mark Wingfield

Mark Wingfield is a guitarist and composer based in the UK. Most of his output is rooted in jazz, but he is also active in contemporary classical music.
Highly respected among his peers for his original and distinctive electric guitar playing, much of his output is directed towards performing and studio work.

Wingfield cites other jazz, rock, Indian, Japanese, African and classical music as influences, and as a composer, has written over 70 compositions. Part of the hallmark of both his guitar playing and his composing, is that these influences are fused with western classical music, and integrated into a distinctive musical voice. His compositions blend lyrical melodies with a distinctive harmonic palette and sometimes complex rhythmic components.
He has recorded a number of albums as a leader, and has recorded or performed with Iain Ballamy, Jeremy Stacey, Robert Mitchell, Yaron Stavi, Jane Chapman, René von Grünig, Christoph Leistner. Wingfield was also involved with the ground breaking internet band ResRocket within which he played with such musicians as Tricky, Matt Black, Peter Gabriel, Elliott Randall, Todd Rundgren, and Dave Stewart. In addition to this, Wingfield, with jazz groups SMQ and Scapetrace,has collaborated with Christian Kuntner and Roberto Di Martino, among others.