Saturday, September 14, 2013

Noël Akchoté New Album Advance

Noël Akchoté : «Green Lands» - GRL-2 

Green Lands or where it grows daily, where it raises as it comes, but not without a fertile present, past and future memory. Memories: where you go next, back to, through next. I only play what i would like to be able to play more (Derek Bailey: Improvising is More Playing Per Cubic Meter). The main reason to do one thing (and many others at the same time too, parallelism like our body works, daily and clocked), is for me to learn from it. Learn what i will need-want to practice and somehow, where I am with it now. Its such a joy, and Green Lands is a full slice of it, now.

Noël Akchoté : Electric Guitars, Programming.

OUT 20.09.2013 -Available Worldwide on All Platforms.,noel-akchote.html?lang=fr 
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