Monday, September 9, 2013

Javier Pedreira / Miguel A. García

Javier Pedreira

ERRA FARGUS is a project carried out by Miguel A. García and Javier Pedreira in which different possibilities are explored concerning the clash between brut electronica and non-conventional uses of the guitar. Their methodology draws upon non-idiomatic improvisation by using the instruments and their sonic material in ways which are rigorous while at the same time allowing for freedom and playfulness.

All of this results in immersive, free, elastic soundscapes, unpredictable and thoroughly organic, in which the narrative component is not ruled out, while trying to avoid easily recognizable musical forms. Post-music or pre-music from extraterrestrial civilizations in the form of highly experimental electronics-electricity.

Miguel A. García uses the remainders of electronic devices such as mixing desks, contact microphones, pick-ups or circuits as performing materials. Javier Pedreira uses the guitar, lying on a table and prepared with a wide variety of objects and effects which turn it into quite an unusual – although perfectly recognizable – instrument. Together, they create a language which is full of electric winks, adaptable to each spatial situation.

The purpose is to take the possibilities of the instruments and their material relationship to the limit, as well as to generate music which is addictive in its strangeness, bringing forth unexplored worlds, sometimes rough, sometimes lyrical, always mutant. Music for  a journey, music for research, music for soundscapes that take form and then vanish smoothly, keeping the listener in a constant state of attention and agreeable tension, brought about by unawareness dissipating as the sound progresses.