Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rafael Pinillos

Rafael Pinillos has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and is now preparing his PH.D. His creative work is focused on plastic arts, mainly paintings and drawings, and performing arts, focusing on electroacoustic experimentation and abstract music.

"error!" is a powerful musical abstraction that searchs for the poetic failure through the induced accident. It´s composed of "conflictos!", which are ideas with different approaches charged with spatial tension and dominated by a deep abstract language. The vehicle that articulates this project is free improvisation, understood as an immediate composition.

"error!" is an attempt to put into a chaotic order a full array of electronic noises, glitches and other microarticulated parasite sounds generated by oscillators, synthesizers, filters, mixers, loopers and a complex set of electronic devices; as well as an attempt to unleash and control choppy, sloppy, piercing electric guitar lines that spring forth and disappear. There is a use and abuse of amplified surfaces, modified instruments and other objects too.

Jaime H: Linares: Audio recording, production and editing.
Dea-Woon Kang: Video recording, production, editing and montage. Stage director.
Naira Expósito: Video recording, production, editing and montage. Photography. Support.
Alejandro Delgado: Stage image projection. Pen drive design and development.
Elsa Mateu: Stage design and lighting.
David `Perreko´: Stage tech. Video recording. Photography.
Lola Bardel: Photography.

Thanks to the followings:

Equipo Para Cultural Association.
Music School of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Miguel Jaubert, Javier Pérez, David Paredes, Simone Marin, Lioba Hernández and Jesse.

This work was recorded between September 2012 and June 2013 at:

Estudio R: “conflicto 15!”, “conflicto 16!”, “conflicto 17!”, “conflicto 23!”, “conflicto 26!”, “conflicto 38!”, “conflicto 97!” y “conflicto 104!”
Estudio J: “conflicto 113!” y “conflicto 121!”.
Equipo Para: “conflicto 72!live” y “conflicto 73!live”.
Music School of Santa Cruz de Tenerife: “conflicto 84!”.