Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Art Guitar Rubén D’Hers Rio Blanco

río blanco A (fragmento)
4 Guitarras acusticas y 6 ventiladores.

Presentación en el SeaM Weimar

río blanco 
41:02 min 
Playing with 2 prepared electroacoustic guitars 
and differents kind of motors. 
Recorded live in Weimar, Germany, 2011 at La Maleta. 

foto by Rafael Vogel

Rubén D’Hers is a guitarist and sound artist from Caracas, Venezuela currently living in Berlin. His focus on sound installation and playing techniques deals with the use of chords as autonomous sound spaces.

His works has been exhibited and performed at venues like ZKM in Karlsruhe (DE), Neues Museum Weimar (DE), Pure Data Convention (DE), SeaM Weimar (DE), LAB 30 Klangkunst Experimente Augsburg (DE), Heart of Noise Festival Innsbruck (AU), Netwerk Center (BE), Mochvara Gallery (HR), Oficina #1 Gallery in Caracas (VE) and at the Empty Gallery (HK).