Monday, September 14, 2015

Tone Wood 2 by Frans Elferink

More is Better

When I show my neighbours my fancy 18"Excalibur, or a Gibson super 400 or a D' Angelico NewYorker they would think that all the thin lines around the guitar are painted by the hand of a gifted artist.

For a fancy archtop you need about 45 meter (about 130 feet) of binding material which is laminated to a solid fine lined edge. It can be scraped and sanded over and over. When it is all leveled you finish the guitar.

Binding work is very labor-intensive. I recently made this natural Tonemaster with strong reduced bindings. Same feel, same tone, another price!

The final picture shows a closeup of one of D'Angelico's creations. In the battle of more is better some of his guitars shows an endless wrapping of bindings around the pickguard.