Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mirror Guitar

I spoke to [Willie] Christie about the creation of the design for (No Pussyfooting) [...] At the time of the shoot – 1972 – Christie was an established fashion photographer and husband of the Vogue creative editor Grace Coddington. In fact, Christie had the three sides of the ‘room’ constructed at a photography studio in Maida Vale, west London, by a builder concurrently working on the house he shared with Coddington.

“We hired the mirror from Chelsea Glassware and the zinc ‘floor’ came from a session I’d just done for (fashion publication) Over 21,” says Christie, who won an award from industry magazine Music Week for the design. “I’ve always felt badly for Brian that he didn’t share the credit, since it was his idea and we worked on it together.” Paul Gorman