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Kingdom Of Noise - Japanese Noise Selection

Kingdom Of Noise - Japanese Noise Selection 
(1993, 98 minutes, VHS) released by Endorphine Factory

I think this video “Kingdom of Noise” is a perfect example of [a] successful catalogue of [the] Japanese noise scene. Japanese noise players are getting more popular all over the world, being introduced by various kinds of media or the live appearances abroad. Taking this into consideration, I’d like to recommend this video catalogue of Japanese noise for foreign people. […] This videotape is full of quite straight visual images. No professional technical support to make it nice looking. The visual effects are all by the artists themselves. It is one of the best features of this videotape that many of the content were “live”. This is the evidence of the reality of the contents. Here we can find Japanese noise as it is. Feel noise by your own eyes, ears and souls. This video will present you several answers about Japanese noise, visual image is the same as sound image, much more than expected, very disappointing, very unexpecting, or…” - Jojo Hiroshige (Hijokaidan)

1     –Aube     Low Spin Drift

    Cameraman – Tadashi Fukumoto Composed By – Akifumi Nakajima

2     –Incapacitants     Live At 20000V

    Cameraman – Yasuhiko Ikeda Electronics, Voice – F. Kosakai, T. Mikawa

3     –Dislocation     Writing And Masturbation

    Electronics – Toyohiro Okazaki Guitar – Fujio Kimura Performer, Cameraman,

    Film Editor – Keishi KiyokawaSaxophone – Yoshinori Yanagawa


4     –Masonna     Live At Bears And La Mama

    Cameraman – Akifumi Nakajima, Tadashi Fukumoto, Takuya Kodama, V.O.G.

    Film Editor – Maso Yamazaki

5     --Seed Mouth Twilight City
Artwork [Applied Image] – Atsushi Sakurai Composed By [Original Concept] – Hirohito Taneguchi.

6     –Violent Onsen Geisha     Night Of Unlcean Water

    Composed By – Violent Onsen Geisha

7     –Solmania     Live At Living Room

    Composed By – Masahiko Ohno

8     –Merzbow     Piss For Yves Klein

    Cameraman – Toshiyuki Seidou Noises, Lighting [Blue], Edited By [Sound] – Masami Akita Performer [Action, Piss, Flowers] – Tetsuo Sakaibara Tape – Reiko A

9     –C.C.C.C.     Loud Sounds Dopa

    Bass – Ryuichi Nagakubo Effects [Video Feedback], Film Editor – Susumu Komatsu Effects [Video Feedback], Film Editor, Cameraman – Takuya Kodama Electronics – Fumio Kosakai Electronics, Performer [Metal], Effects [Video],

Film Editor – Mayuko HinoSynthesizer, Effects [Video], Edited By, Film Editor – Hiroshi Hasegawa

10     –Hijo Kaidan     Live At La Mama

    Cameraman – Tadashi Watanabe Drums – Masami Akita Electronics, Voice – Fumio Kosakai, T. Mikawa*Guitar, Voice – Jojo Hiroshige Lighting, Effects [Stage] – John Duncan Voice – Junko


    Design [Booklet] – Hiroshi Hasegawa
    Design [Sleeve] – Akifumi Nakajima
    Film Editor – Susumu Komatsu
    Producer – Mayuko Hino

Japanese title:「騒音の王国」(Zatsuon Oukoku).
Comes with a 20 page booklet.

Released in cooperation with Alchemy Records, ZSF Produkt, and Forever Records 3.

USA & Canada distribution by Charnel House.
European distribution by S.F.C.R.

Aube: excerpt from "Spindrift"; video editing at Studio Mecca II.
Incapacitants live 22 Feb. 1992.
Dislocation: live 21 Mar. 1993.
Masonna: live 12 Jun./31 Jul./3 Aug./26 Aug. 1993.
Solmania: live 19 Sep. 1993.
Merzbow: live 14 Nov. 1992 at Yves Klein Place, Auditorium Modern Art Museum of Nice, France.
C.C.C.C.: live 11 Oct. 1993; excerpt from "Loud Sounds Dopa".
Hijo Kaidan: live 22 Apr. 1993.