Tuesday, July 28, 2015

People Who Do Noise

People Who Do Noise 

 A film about the experimental music of Portland, Oregon. Extensive interviews and intimate performance footage provide an intense portrait of the motivations, emotions, and methods that go into this uncompromising, sometimes brutal musical form. Oral and sonic cosmology… A stark portrayal of a musical underground at its most genuine and vital.
82 minute full-length film with over an hour of additional performance footage and deleted scenes.


Smegma live on Coronado Island 1974

Yellow Swans

Honed Bastion

Oscillating Innards

Sisprum Vish


Argumentix Daniel Menche

Pulse Emitter

Josh Hydeman

Kitty Midwife


GOD With Caro

Soup Purse
Directed by Adam Cornelius