Monday, July 6, 2015

Wood Tones by Frans Elferink: Top Wood for top instruments

Top wood for top instuments!

In 1970 CMI sold the Gibson factory to Norlin, Norlin owned the compagny for 15 years. Norlin transformed the factory from an historic guitar factory into a modern money machine. Exact in the middle of this era this L5 was produced in 1977.

Notice the back and rims. Where is the beautiful flamed maple back as we know from the historic L5. The maple has no figure at all.

There is only one reason why a compagny should change from highly figured maple to plain maple. The cost of the rough wood for a plain maple back is less than 10% of an highly flamed maple back.

It took Gibson a few years to open their eyes again and right know a plain L5 or a Les Paul with a 3 ply mahogany body with a 3 piece plain maple top is a rarity


Frans Elferink is a dutch luthier specialised in the construction of high end acoustic archtop guitars in the style of the old Gibson, D'Angelico, D'Aquisto and Stromberg archtops.