Monday, April 8, 2013

Nuno Rebelo

Guitar player, sound explorer, improviser, composer, doing some things with video too (..check my videos!..).

Coming from a background of playing in pop-rock bands in the 80's (i was the leader of Mler ife Dada, one of the most innovative portuguese bands of that time), I've composed a lot of music for contemporary dance, theatre, cinema, etc, since the 90's.

In the context of free improvisation, i've played with some great musicians such as Peter Kowald, Kato Hideki, Shelley Hirsch, Gianni Gebia, Paolo Angeli, Massimo Zu, Damo Suzuki, Le Quan Ninh, Eric M, John Bisset, Philippe Aubry, Carlos Zingaro, Jean-Marc Montera, Dj Olive, Audrey Chen, Joan Saura, Agusti Fernandez, Xavier Maristany, Liba Vilavechia, Rodrigo Amado, Americo Rodrigues, Carlos Bechegas, Ernesto Rodrigues, just to name a few... I also played in an unforgettable presentation of Cobra, directed by John Zorn himself.

I've been playing in improvisation performances with dancers such as Mark Tompkins, Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, David Zambrano, Frans Poelstra, Julyen Hamilton, Boris Charmatz, Joao Fiadeiro, Vera Mantero, Kirstie Simson, Patricia Kuypers, Mathilde Monnier, Christian Rizzo, etc. In this context I participated on Mark Tompkins projects "On the edge" (Paris, Strasbourg and Marseille, 1998) and "En Chantier" taking place in Paris in different moments from 2001 to October 2004 and on Lisa Nelson's project "Tuning Scores" (Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, 2003). Also with Mark Tompkins, we've been teaching the workshop "audible movement, visible sound" which focus the contamination of performing movement and sound making in a context of real time composition.

Although i'm no longer in the board of directors, I'm still an active member of Granular, an association for the development of experimental music in Portugal.