Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rafael Toral


Photo by Joana Linda

Since i began using the computer live, i have been using different interfaces and gestural controllers (like the modular theremin). These gloves are fit with 6 micro switches, 4 mercury switches, 2 light-depending resistors, 1 infrared ranger and 1 magnetic switch. A footswitch can also be added to the system. The core of the MIDI control box is the Doepfer Pocket Electronic kit. The gloves were premiered with Space Study 1 at Jazzolograma Festival with Rute Praça (cello), Lisboa, April 24, 2004.

Featured on Space Study 1.
Video of Space Study 1 live

Appears on Space,  Space Elements Vol. I.
Forthcoming solo recordings on Space Solo 2.

Left glove

Right glove


Control box

Control box