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Joan Bagés i Rubi : Instrumental Music

exc016 (August 24, 2008)
These four pieces collect some of my ways of sound work, pieces for solo instrument, pieces for ensemble and pieces for interactive music and electroacustic music.

Alchemy is a piece for ensemble. In this piece Joan has set off from some written scores to modify them and to apply them techniques of electroacoustic composition to obtain new materials and to put them in a new and different context.

Improvisacion-OAAATTA is a instrumental music for electric guitar. Work based on a pictorial series of Jaume Rocmora. The guitar draws the forms. The pedals of the guitar construct a background, a texture of basis about what is constructed the structure. The work explores several resources of sound production of the prepared guitar with paper and metallic objects. In a first instant Joan has made a sound recording with the guitar player Santiago Quintans. Several sound objects have been recorded. Later, after listening the materials proposed by the guitarist the work appears. The process of composition is an interaction between the listen and the musical writing.

Interactions is a piece for ensemble. This work appears as the interaction between different process of electroacustic composition and the musical writing. The instrumental work appears from the analysis of a set of sound files in order to transpose the sound energy, that we meet in certain sounds, in the musical writing. The sound of the birds, the sound of some machines, the recitative of a poetry, etc all this sounds have a different type of energy and Joen tries to transpose it in a musical speech.

Intersections-BouleWav 2.0 is a electroacustic piece with interactive music system. The bassoon draws several sound itineraries with the help of a patch MAX/MSP. Lines, points of the bassoon interoperates with the gesture of the virtual instrument BouleWav 2.0. The ball becomes a gesture controller for the electronic synthesis created totally at real time from the sound of the bassoon.

#1 – UCM Ensemble (London), 2007. #2 – Prepared electric guitar with objects and pedals, Santiago Quintans plays electric guitar, Paris, 2007. #3 – Ensemble Archaeus (Bucarest), Commande de Densties 93 (France), Paris, 2006. #4 – Bassoon and Interactive Musical System, Piece created with the scholarship Phonos 2005/2006 (Barccelona), Alex Salgueiro plays bassoon.

01 Alchemy (8:33)

02 Improvisacion-OAAATTA (9:56)

03 Interactions (7:20)

04 Intersections-BouleWav 2.0 (12:50)
Compiled by Nikita Golyshev

Released by Ilias Mikanaev

cover artwork by Grigory Kochenov