Sunday, April 28, 2013

Multiple Motoric Guitars LISTEN

For this guitar-centric New Sounds, listen to music from Robert Fripp and his League of Crafty Guitarists, along with something from the French guitar trio, Philharmonie. We’ll listen to an electric guitar work from Philharmonie, “The Elephant Bell-Ringers.” Also, hear Steve Reich’s entire three-movement “Electric Counterpoint,” as performed by Pat Metheny on tape.

Then, there’s the interlocking sounds of very rhythmic guitar parts by England’s Jeremy Peyton-Jones in a work written for Canadian guitarist Tim Brady, who plays all 18 parts. Plus, the daringly precise guitar and restless rhythms of North Carolina-based instrumental prog/math rock duo Ahleuchatistas.

PROGRAM #3424, Multiple Motoric Guitars (First aired on 1/28/2013)
final meeting, raft island guitar craft course, october 2009. Cases closed, they walk out. iphone photo: frank m sheldon
Robert Fripp & the League of Crafty Guitarists
Guitar Craft Theme I, Invocation [5:12]
Editions Eg Records 43
Out of print

Pat Metheny
Reich: Different Trains, Electric Counterpoint
Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint [14:46]
Nonesuch 79176

From the North [8:47]
Cuneiform #64

Robert Fripp & the League of Gentlemen
The League of Gentlemen
Heptaparaparshinokh [2:04]
EG Records - #1559
Out of print.

Heads Full Of Poison
Lighted Stairs [2:59]

Les Éléphants Carillonneurs
Les Éléphants Carillonneurs [5:09]
Cuneiform Rune #54

Tim Brady
10 Collaborations
Jeremy Peyton Jones: 18 Guitars [14:30]
Justin Time #8434