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Sex! Trash! Violence! Marc Ribot, noted American guitarist and composer explores the border between classic noir film scores of the 40s thru 60s, and the 80s no-wave bands who worshipped them.

Recorded in NYC in April 2011.

1. Background to Murder, Touch of Evil (Henry Mancini)
2. The Maple Leaf Rage (Ceramic Dog)
3. Saigon Pickup (John Zorn)
4. Scene of the Crime (Andre Previn)
5. The Boss, Touch of Evil (Henry Mancini)
6. Orientalism Suite (Bottom of the World / Macau)
7. Sharks (Lounge Lizards)
8. It Could Have Been Very, Very Beautiful (Lounge Lizards)
9. Get Carter
10. Kill for Pussy, Body Heat (John Barry)
11. Background to Murder Part 2, Touch of Evil (Henry Mancini)
12. Touch of Evil (Henry Mancini)
13. Drunk Boat (Ribot)
14. Drunker Boat (Ribot)
15. Encore (Ribot)

Marc Ribot - guitar, banjo, arrangement
Shahzad Ismaily - bass
John Mettam - drums, vibraphone and bongos
Christina Courtin - viola
Christopher Hoffman- cello
Rob Burger - acoustic and electric piano and organ
Curtis Fowlkes - trombone
Doug Wieselman - alto sax
Unknown - violin

Marc Ribot's Film Noir Project

Sex! Trash! Violence! ...Fast Women, Sinister Men; Marc Ribot's Noir explores a lonely place; the border between classic noir film scores of the 40's thru 60's, and the 80's No-Wave bands who worshipped them. Material will include re-arrangements of Henry Mancini (Touch of Evil), Andre Previn (Scene of the Crime), Roy Budd (Get Carter), on the one hand; and John Lurie's Lounge Lizards, John Zorn, Rootless Cosmopolitans, and new noir by Marc Ribot on the other.

Originally commissioned as a project for the New School's Noir Arts Festival in April 2011, the premiere featured Ribot's fellow Lounge Lizard veterans Doug Weiselman (reeds) and Curtis Fowkles (trombone), plus Shahzad Ismaily (bass), Rob Burger (keys), John Mettam (drums, perc), and a 3 piece string section (violin, viola, cello) led by Christina Courtin.

*Note: This project can also be presented with local or student musicians conducted and joined by Marc Ribot.
**Also, as series of educational workshops and seminars related to the project available. See 'Project Proposal' by clicking here.

Audio (mp3):
1. Saigon Pickup by John Zorn (Live excerpt)

2. Scene Of the Crime from "Scene Of the Crime" by Andre Previn (Live excerpt)

3. The Boss from "Touch Of Evil" by Henry Mancini (Live excerpt)

4. Orientalism Suite from "Bottom Of the World", "Macao" (Live excerpt)

5. It Could Have Been Very, Very Beautiful by John Lurie's The Lounge Lizards (Live excerpt)

Noir Film Project  

Project Proposal:
Marc Ribot's Film Noir Project (Educational Seminars, Workshops and Concert Proposal)

Selcted Performance History:
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10/13/2012: Vooruit Kunstencentrum - Gent, Belgium
9/16/2011: Roulette - NYC
4/1/2011: Premiere at The New School Arts Festival Presents Noir - NYC