Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Free Download Darius


This second opus of the series ” les rÍveries d’un promeneur solitaire ” is the result of the interaction between the nature ambient sounds and free improvisation on prepared bass.
The project was recorded in the French Alps on August 7th, 2011 & mixed at the Bermie studio, Aspremont, in February 2012.
Happy listening.
musician: André D. (bass & tools)
Photo/artwork: André D.
1.Orage 12:32

Musician without borders, self-taught, motivated by atonal and improvised music, I've been conducting sound experiments both in groups and solo situations since the end of the 90s. In 2011, I created "Darius Improvise" to produce & play free-form music (free-jazz, experimental, electro-acoustic, noise, improv...), until now and meanwhile new projects, several albums were published by European, U.S and Australian netlabels. Now in association with musicians from around the world, I explore the musical possibilities offered by the new electronic communication channels of our time (as digital files exchange or long distance jam session), so if a collaboration with a crazy frog could interested you don't be shy ! send me a message...