Sunday, July 7, 2013

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guitar improvisations

 Shaun Sandor
 Guitar Improvisations
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mp3 | flac   1. Guitar improvisation (1:13)
mp3 | flac   2. Guitar improvisation (3:59)
mp3 | flac   3. Guitar improvisation (2:51)
mp3 | flac   4. Guitar improvisation (2:37)

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guitar improv a

mp3   guitar improvisation A

guitar improv b

mp3   guitar improvisation B

  I started out playing guitar in several bands in the early    90s, and turned to the Cleveland underground noise     scene by 1995. It was at that time that I was involved in     promoting some of the notable performers of sound art    as a member of The Pieta Performing Arts Gallery. In    1997, I attended school in Chicago, where I began to     diversify my interests in the world of audio, developing    sound for film, recording my own electro-acoustic    compositions, and collaborating with many inventive     musicians. My work as Promute has encompassed a     wide range of genres, but the focus is always on an     interesting aural journey. I often use unconventional or      home-made tools to create my pieces.

credits:  All content by Shaun Sandor.
description:  Exploratory guitar improvisations. Guitar, amplifier, and hardware store items.