Thursday, July 18, 2013

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The Artifacts, - the objects and things, found in the Misterious Zone, which was described in Strugatskys' novel ''Roadside Picnic''. Silent, numb, staying in total quietude they become the speechless observers and witnesses of the events happening in the Zone. The listener, just as Stalker himself, is walking past and through all these artifacts and phenomenons, and finally, he comes towards the wish-granting Golden Sphere, which fulfills the most desired wishes.

Thirty musicians have taken part in the recording of this suite. The sessions went in the format of audio-fixation of free studio improvisations, which were later edited very carefully. The project model of the program was completed and discussed in 2011. In 2012 was chosen and compiled the list of the artifacts; to each of them were chosen corresponding compositions, a well-thought conception and style. The final mastering of the album was made in the beginning of 2013.

Released: 01 June 2013
Mastering: Dmitriy Radzetckiy
Photo: Natalia Andreychenko

An unusual synthesis of contemporary free improvisation and the structure of the Baroque suite is an artistic approach, widely used in the modern age - the connection of genres, sometimes radical, with the motto "to combine the incompatible."
At the time, an old "suite" was also a set of "modern" developments in the content, form and harmony. One of the main conditions of the structure was a dance suite contrast parts. In our case, the contrast is achieved via a mismatch between the "old suite" style and the totally opposite musical material, which does not involve any detail inherent in the "old suite."

released 02 December 2012
"Brovy Papy" group:
Alexey Artemov - drums, percussions, guitar, electronics
Pavel Lisovskiy - saxophone, pipes, voice, percussions
Andrey Boyko - drums
Alexey Litvinenko - electonics
Danil Zlobin - bass-guitar

Dmitriy Radzetckiy - 10-str MIDI Radz-guitar

Recorded 16 september 2012 (Kiev, Ukraine) at "Zvukoceh" studio. Record engineer - Denis Bambr.

Mix, editing, mastering & cover - Dmitriy Radzetckiy.