Friday, July 12, 2013

Listen to Mount Analogue – Variability of the Space (Ghosts)

"Variability of the Space (Ghosts) is the first in a series of records about decay and birth. This is only available from the Kamagraph Records website as both WAV and MP3 download. An exclusive document is available along with the download.

Every sound you hear was recorded in disused industrial spaces in Glasgow at night, during the winter. The object was to use these spaces to create something (anything) and return them for a brief moment in time to their production heydays. Around 90% of the spaces are not accessible to the public and must of recordings are a product of me illegally trespassing by sneaking past sleepy security guards. This gave me a sense of urgency as I could be discovered at any time and was caught a few times (name taken, fine paid). For this reason the name of the sites will not be disclosed.

1. Bowed Found Objects and Bowed Prepared Guitar (Site 2) – 9.35
Recorded completely in Site 2
The bowed metals where treated with convolution reverb extracted from natural impulse responses of the space. The prepared guitar was tuned to an open G note from top to bottom and bowed with found metals on site.

2. Electronic Hum, Contact Microphones and Impulse Response (Site 3 and Site 15) – 14.13
Recorded in Site 3 and 15
Electronic Hum created using field recordings of the old plumbing at site 15 which was the process using custom MAX patches there are 50 plus field recordings used to create this sound
The Contact Microphones where placed randomly across site 3 and I swear there are sounds recorded that I cannot account for IR Reverb was built from samples of the natural ambience the massive old furnace on the site

3. Metal Percussion (Site 5, Site 9 and Site 12) – 5.26
Record in site 5, 9 and 12
All sounds created from found percussion recordings
I swear there was a presence at site 9 overseeing the recordings and I feel that it must be credited

4. Synthetic Circuits and Contact Microphones (Site 8) – 11.50
Recorded in site 8
Synthetic Circuits recorded by bouncing improvised synthesizer recordings made on site of the metal walls of the basement of site 8 and re-recording the response
Contact Microphones were used to capture the smashing of a box found on site and then it’s burning
Mixed and Mastered by Mount Analogue and Maria Treat at The Cell in Glasgow February 2013

Mount Analogue is from Glasgow. Mount Analogue has been alive since 2007. All releases can be purchased from above links. MA has a insane work ethic which leads to many releases a year. Mount Analogue also owns and operates Give It Water Records. MA is inspired by any artist that does not compromise. Very fond of the work of Jim O'Rourke, Tortoise, Steve Reich, Cocteau Twins, Angelo Badalamenti, Ulver, Cornelius Cardew, Stanley Kubrick, Philip Glass, Ben Frost, Brian Eno, Stars Of The Lid, Matmos, Andrei Tarkovsky, Labradford, John Cage, Stereolab, Einstürzende Neubauten, Autechre, Fennesz, David Lynch, Arvo Part, Gaspar Noé."