Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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desetxo55 a 10.2.2006
      jeff gburek mass
& momentum a 
  desetxo55 b 10.2.2006
      jeff gburek mass
& momentum b 
(this bundle though accessible is not necessary nor adequate to describe)
the need to periodically dismantle things,
techno-ideo-logical things, the silence of a broken radio,
the desire to receive inhuman signals
the aura of ruined buildings, abandoned rail-road boxcars,
scrap-wood and tire-fire blazing in an oil-drum
the baby carriage on its side with one wheel missing
the recognition of some far off reserve of survivalist aggression
that made it possible for (x) to be born,
the shame over the (x)centrism of such violence
knowing no one, asking for nothing, ow(n)ing nothing
civility,a relation to people, moves across the relation to body,
an authentic relation to body not established therein,
civility remains undefined in terms of an art form that 
searches for a genuine body from which politics may come 
interrupt pavlovian chains of movement there is silence
inside a sound the weight of this at times the sound is the shield of a silence the masses spiraling the tattered topology 
Jeff Gburek
Jan. 2006