Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eric Normand

While I was building some noise devices, and stomp boxes, I’ve travelled and played with such great improvisers… using light kit, with or without my bass.

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released 03 December 2012

Contemporary and improvised music, composed by Éric Normand (except "Fields ..." by John Tchicai) and so well played and interpreted by the quintet.
After several noisy free improv projects, Rimouski (Québec) based bassist gathered skilled improvisers for this one day band exploring a larger array of his musical influences through a cycle of simple scores made from graphics, drawings and some notated melodies
Jean Derome _ flute _ alto sax _ birdcall James Darling _ cello Antoine Létourneau-Berger _ vibes _ cymbals Michel F. Côté _ drums _ feedbacks Éric Normand _ electric bass

released 03 March 2012

Jim Denley (flutes, sax), Philippe Lauzier (bass clarinet, alto saxophone), Pierre-Yves Martel (viola da gamba), Kim Myhr (guitar, simple mechanics) and Eric Normand (electric bass and electronics)

«A fine example of very concentrated and inspired improvisations, full of subtleties.»
Denley, Lauzier, Martel, Myhr and Normand participated on the Victo Festival 2010. Tour de Bras invited them for a session just after the festival was closed. Kim Myhr is from Norway, Jim Denley from Australia. The other three artist come from Quebec where it all took place. All five of them participated on the Victo Festival 2010. Jim Denley is the veteran improvisor in this combination known for his extended techniques on wind instruments. But on this recording it is not only Denley who makes use of extended techniques. All of them do. This makes it difficult to detect what comes from what instrument. One may experience this as an disadvantage, but it also has an advantage. It puts the music on its own feet. It is purely the music and sounds one experiences. For sure a very satisfying experience in this case. A fine example of very concentrated and inspired improvisations, full of subtleties.

Par Dolf Mulder in Vital #779 (Pays-Bas), 3 mai 2011

released 10 January 2011
Phase 1 (2010), 12m50s [extrait]
Jim Denley, Philippe Lauzier, Pierre-Yves Martel, Kim Myhr, Éric Normand