Thursday, February 5, 2015

John Scofield Uberjam Band - Sarajevo Jazz Festival 2013

In early July this 2003, Scofield released, after ten years of record pause of ensemble Uberjam, a new and long-awaited album called Uberjam Deux. The album was immediately upon publication on the first place of the U.S. iTunes list, and numerous concert of the band in the United States and Europe testify of the excellent reception by the audience.

This album is the third release of the band that followed Uberjam first album, released in 2002. and was nominated for Grammy, and the album Up All Night from the 2003.

Uberjam Band was called by music critics the jam session audio adventure in which great groove, funk, energetic rhythms but also sophisticated soul and blues section meet together. Which doesn't mean much. All we have to say here is that John's sound is so unique, his love for any kind of music so honest and his wisdom so natural that it just confirms his guitarist Hall of Fame position.

On the European tour of Uberjam Banda, Scofield is joined by the guitarist Avi Bortnick, bassist Andy Hess and drummer Louis Cato.