Wednesday, December 9, 2015

TONE WOOD 12 D'Angelico replica

D'Angelico replica made by Michael Lewis

When John D'Angelico died in 1964 the guitar manufacturer and brand D'Angelico died with him. In that period the popularity of acoustic archtop guitars dropped and I have heard stories that you could buy an D'Angelico archtop for under the 1000 dollar. 

In the 90's the popularity for the D'Angelico archtops on the vintage market went sky high (30.000 dollar was noy unusual) and in that period the first copies of the old D'Angelico's hit the market. 

First made in the USA but later the D'Angelico copies were made all over the world for often very low prices (and low quality of the materials). 


Right now I guess there are 100 times more copies of D'Angelico guitars as origionals. The good thing is that it is easy to see and hear when you hold an origional one. 

 The picture shows 3 D'Angelico copies made by Lewis (USA) about 20 years ago. Very high quality replica's which are as good or better as the origional.