Monday, November 4, 2013

Adriana Sa Sounding Light Instrument

Margarida Garcia + Adriana Sá - 7.01.12 - A Vizinha, Rua da Bica LX

The 'SOUNDING LIGHT INSTRUMENT' includes light sensors, i-cube and Lisa software. It unfolds into a big range of performative possibilities. As the architecturally-scaled instrument it is, it can playfully (re)establish the relationships between a site and its environmental context.
Natural and artificial light, body shadow or video may affect the processing of audio samples, or the modulating of audio frequencies, or the processing of a live-input. The inconstant behavior of light guarantees certain unpredictability.

The physical and visual aspects of the instrument are of core importance. Sensor cables are very long; they are hung from the ceiling as volumetric drawings.



COMISSIONED BY: ACAC- Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Japan
SUPPORTED BY: Fundação Oriente

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