Thursday, November 14, 2013

Frz​.​Imagho - Selected works


Since the beginning, Frz and Imagho collaboration has been totally dedicated to free improvisation. Nothing is planned, no strategy, no discussion before we begin. Our music is rising on its own, each one of us trying to follow, anticipate the other.
The Nabas series render the unmodified matter usually heard only by the musician : the music as it is happening. Each improvisation is uncut, from the beginning to the end with its hesitations, red herrings, mistakes, and magic moments. No sound has been added, not a single note has been removed. According to the basics of our collaboration, every sound comes from an electric guitar, and is treated in real-time. No sound used has been recorded before the improvisation, and no other sound generator has been used. Frz-Imagho contains this mixture of punk boldness and atmospheric subtlety which both form these special containers.
These selected works show great variations inside the different sound scapes of the duo : glitches, drones, sound artifacts find their way from guitars to computer, in an idiosyncratic language.
released 15 November 2013
Mastering : Gilles Deles
Photo : Lionel Maraval