Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Fierce and the Dead

Spooky Action is a blend of edgy guitars, savage beats and intense melodies that lure the listener through a progressive adventure around bright corners and down dark alleys. "Songs about cults, quantum physics and absent friends" is how the band themselves describe the album, and we can guarantee you'll hear no other record like it this year!

Terry Edwards (Gallon Drunk, Nick Cave, Tindersticks, PJ Harvey) adds brass to two tracks and Sarah Gill (Madam) contributes cello.

This is The Fierce And The Dead's second full-length album, and their first with Bad Elephant Music.

NOTE: orders placed before 4th November 2013 get an exclusive download of On VHS, recorded live at Kingsway College, London, on 21st May 2013. To claim your download with the email address you used to order the album.

released 04 November 2013

Matt Stevens - Guitar
Kevin Feazey - Bass
Steve Cleaton - Guitar
Stuart Marshall - Drums

Written and produced by The Fierce And The Dead

If you want a physical copy then get yourself to the Merch Desk website and order a CD, and if want to splash out, a 'Spooky Action' t-shirt too.

Ark is the lead single from the forthcoming album, Spooky Action. This bundle contains two tracks not available elsewhere - a remix of Ark by Emmett Elvin (Chrome Hoof, Guapo, Knifeworld) and The Icy Tundra Of Tharg, featuring James Orman of Silvery as guest vocalist.


released 21 October 2013
Matt Stevens - guitar
Kevin Feazey - bass
Steve Cleaton - guitar
Stuart Marshall - drums

James Orman - vocals on The Icy Tundra Of Tharg

All tracks written and produced by The Fierce And The Dead. Words on The Icy Tundra Of Tharg by James Orman.

Photography by The Chaos Engineers. Additional art by Paul Hickman.


Fusing pop, prog and electronica into a story of abuse, betrayal and madness, "Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed" is the new album from Shineback, solo project from Simon Godfrey of Tinyfish. The album - with lyrics from Simon's writing partner in Tinyfish, Robert Ramsay - centres upon the story of Dora who undertakes a fantastic, yet disturbing journey into her own dream word where she encounters dark revelations about her past buried in memory.

To aid Simon in this venture, artists such as Matt Stevens (Fierce And The Dead), Dec Burke (Frost*, Brave New Sky, Darwin's Radio, Dec Burke Band), Henry Rogers (Touchstone, DeeExpus, Final Conflict), Andy Ditchfield (DeeExpus), Hywel Benett (Dec Burke Band) Paul Worwood (Tinyfish) and Danny Claire (Ion Blue, Michael Angelo) have contributed their  time and talents to make this a truly genre crossing record.

The CD version of this album can be ordered from The Merch Desk

released 01 July 2013 Written and performed by Simon Godfrey Lyrics by Robert Ramsay and Simon Godfrey Produced by Simon Godfrey & Tim ‘Mouse’ Lawrie Executive producer: David Elliott for Bad Elephant Music Engineered by Simon Godfrey Recorded at The Crow’s Nest, Streatham, London Mastered by Dominique Brethes at Wolf Studios, Brixton, London.